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Recent Links

Up to 100 recent links from blogs and articles on Climate Change and the Environment have been collected under each heading below. They appear on separate pages and include very recent links. We try to choose the correct headings but this may not always be entirely accurate!

Spam in the form of ads. etc will of course be immediately rejected and should never appear!

How are these links collected and presented?

Climate Change and Environment blog postings and articles are regularly scanned using a computer program developed by iBerry for that purpose. Some links are selected manually and placed under the topic headings above, (not by a computer program or AI !). Links of general international interest to many people are preferred over local issues affecting individual countries.

Another computer program creates 2 pages under each heading, one containing most recent links and the other, less recent. It's impossible to eliminate all glitches, duplicates, typos etc - the emphasis is on regularly updated information rather than a perfect presentation.

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How To Spot Fake News
IFLA infographic based on FactCheck.org's 2016 article "How to Spot Fake News" in JPG format