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Room 5 - Activist Groups and Organizations

Activist Groups

Switching off lights and eating less meat? Well and good but your impact can be much greater by joining activist groups. Here are some to start with - recommendations welcome! We hope you can find groups to join that suit your own preferences and circumstances.

1treellion Movement - Building a community for our planet around trees, aim to plant trees to cool the planet.

350.org - international movement of ordinary people working to end age of fossil fuels building a world of community-led renewable energy for all.

Citizens' Climate International - Non-profit organization, mission to empower citizen volunteers exercise personal and political power in the shaping of effective climate policy.

Climate Reality Project - Recruits, trains, mobilizes people to become powerful activists, providing skills, campaigns, and resources.

Climate Coalition - UK's largest group dedicated to action against climate change, asking politicians commit to doing whatever is necessary.

Climate Changemakers - Community advocates for equitable, science-based climate policies and pro-climate-action leaders.

Ebafosa - Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly, Framework for ecosystem based adaptation that ensures food security in Africa.

Extinction Rebellion - Decentralised, international and politically non-partisan movement using non-violent direct action and civil disobedience.

Fridays for Future - Fighting for our future and lives because they are directly threatened by the climate crisis and the ecological breakdown.

Friends of Trees - Inspires people to improve the world around them, planting trees together, get a tree, volunteer.

Global Assembly - Run a Community Assembly,school, workplace, neighbourhood or anywhere else,in person, or online.

Greenpeace - Fragile Earth deserves a voice, share campaigns on social media, volunteer, find a job in an office or on a ship.

GreenTeensClub - Group of high school kids who believe that living a greener life now means a better life for our future.

Schools for Climate Action - Non-partisan, grassroots, youth-adult campaign, mission to empower schools to speak up for climate action.

Scientist Rebellion - Scientists and academics believing we should expose reality and severity of climate and ecological emergency by engaging in non-violent civil disobedience.

Students Organising for Sustainability - UK student-led education charity focusing on sustainability, work spans across issues of justice and wellbeing.

Third Act - People over 60, "experienced Americans", determined to change the world for the better.

UCL Climate Hub: a community for change - Collective of people committed to a new era of positive climate action.

UK Student Climate Network - Group of mostly under 18s taking to the streets to protest lack of action on Climate Crisis.

Union of Concerned Scientists - nonprofit organization, mission: to use rigorous, independent science to solve planet's most pressing problems.

We Don't Have Time - Review platform for climate solutions, Power of many enables us to influence businesses, politicians & leaders.

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These are mainly organizations such as 'Think Tanks' that are actively concerned with climate change and environmental issues and welcome your support.

AAAS - Climate Change Resources, provides resources for scientists to act as leaders on the issue of global climate change.

African Centre for a Green Economy - Working with governments, civil society and private sector providing advisory services enabling Africa transition towards green and inclusive economy.

Amazon Conservation Team - Partners with indigenous and local communities protecting tropical forests and strengthening traditional culture.

Communitopia - Provides transformative climate change education that develops today's climate leaders and advances equitable solutions.

Fairventures Worldwide - Good Forests as Climate Solutions,action against climate change by supporting smallholder farmers to reforest in the tropics.

Friends of the Earth International - grassroots environmental network, uniting national member & local activist groups on every continent.

Future Earth - Global network of scientists, researchers, and innovators collaborating for a more sustainable planet.

Job One For Humanity - Non-profit, independent climate change think tank, provides "big picture" view and analysis of climate systems creating current climate change emergency.

Liology Institute - Dedicated to fostering a worldview that will enable humans to thrive on our planet harmoniously and sustainably.

Ocean Rebellion - Sea rising, coral fading, while the oceans are plundered we protest, protect our waters like you protect your children, crew & lifeguards wanted, join us.

Practical Action - People in poverty can change their world, Farming that works, Energy that transforms, Cities fit for people, Resilience that protects.

Raw Foundation - Making Waves, helps to educate, engage and empower young people to move towards sustainable consumption and production.

Resurgence & Ecologist - Presents a vision of the future where economics enhances ecology, politics preserves peace and democracy ensures social justice

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