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New posts collected on Thu Sep 29 2022 at 11:10 UTC.

How public art is helping Miami Beach reckon with sea-level rise

For one project, artist misael soto created an amphitheater out of sandbags. How public art is helping Miami Beach reckon with sea-level rise appeared first on . . .

Yale Climate Connections by YCC Team on 29 Sep 2022

Revealed: Huge gas flaring emissions never reported

BBC investigation finds oil companies not declaring millions of tonnes of cancer-linked emissions. . . .

BBC News - Science BBC News - Science & Environment by ? on 29 Sep 2022

Over 1,700 environment activists killed in decade - report

Brazil and Colombia have recorded the highest number of deaths, a report finds. . . .

BBC News - Science BBC News - Science & Environment by ? on 29 Sep 2022

Dogs can sniff out stress on owner's breath

Four dogs successfully identified samples of sweat or breath taken from a stressed person. . . .

BBC News - Science BBC News - Science & Environment by ? on 29 Sep 2022

Energy efficiency plan to help England's low-income homes

English housing providers get funds to upgrade energy efficiency and insulation of low income homes. . . .

BBC News - Science BBC News - Science & Environment by ? on 29 Sep 2022

Ocean oil pollution is growing — and not from oil spills

Cars and highways are among the top contributors to ocean oil pollution, study finds. . . .

Climate Energy - Grist by Joseph Winters on 29 Sep 2022

Patagonia’s Groundbreaking Announcement Proves Small Actions Can Create Big Impact

Takeaways: People worldwide were pleasantly surprised by Patagonia’s announcement to donate the company to an environmental non-profit. Purpose-led . . .

Happy Eco News by Jamie D'Souza on 29 Sep 2022

10 Questions with Chris Forbes, Cofounder of The Cheeky Panda Sustainable Bamboo Tissue Products

10 Questions with Chris Forbes, Cofounder of The Cheeky Panda Sustainable Bamboo Tissue Products Thank you so much for sharing your story with our readers. Can . . .

Happy Eco News by Jamie D'Souza on 29 Sep 2022

Heat deaths, scorched trees and civil unrest: life on the climate frontline in 2022

Three Guardian reporters, based in different corners of the globe, share what they have learned while reporting the climate disaster . . .

Environment | The Guardian by Canon, Nina Lakhani and Damien Gayle on 29 Sep 2022

In the ocean’s twilight zone, a fish that could feed the world – or destroy it

Lanternfish, the Earth’s most abundant vertebrates, may be the ultimate food source. But will catching them ruin the climate?. In 1789, the explorers Alessandro . . .

Environment | The Guardian by les on 29 Sep 2022

‘Unique’ autumn show predicted for UK trees – but decline may follow

National Trust says dazzling display this year may be reversed if trees continue to face extreme summers. After a year of extreme weather, a “unique” show of . . .

Environment | The Guardian by rris on 29 Sep 2022

Country diary: A rare floral resident on the cliffs

Yesnaby, Orkney: Scottish primroses grow only in a few remote spots and finding them is a matter of local knowledge. The Yesnaby cliffs, where waves dash . . .

Environment | The Guardian by ? on 29 Sep 2022

Ian smashes into southwest Florida with historic force

The Cat 4 storm will be one of the strongest landfalling hurricanes in U.S. history. Ian smashes into southwest Florida with historic force appeared first on . . .

Yale Climate Connections by Jeff Masters and Bob Henson on 28 Sep 2022

Thinking of buying an EV? Hurry up … and wait … or?

The newly enacted Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is packed with incentives for buying electric vehicles and with a bunch of new rules for how things are to work. . . .

Yale Climate Connections by Jan Ellen Spiegel on 28 Sep 2022

Essay | Water waste in the west: How Californians are taking new measures

California residents have been altering their habits and daily lives due to the state's over 20-year drought conditions. These practices can be an example . . .

Planet Forward - Most Recent by blatt on 28 Sep 2022

Global Peace Week Explores 7 Core Needs

I joined this panel to explore the idea of providing comfortable shelter for all animal and human life on Earth. The 90-minute plenary invited leaders in the . . .

Natural Building Blog by Kelly Hart on 28 Sep 2022

Catastrophe Looms as Surge From Hurricane Ian Meets Fast-Growing Florida

This is a worst-case clash between an explosive storm and communities that grew explosively in a hurricane hiatus. . . .

State of the Planet by Andrew Revkin on 28 Sep 2022

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A Long Night in Florida

. . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 28 Sep 2022

The Only Pig Species Known to Migrate: the Bearded Pig

Takeaways: Bornean bearded pigs are recognized by their prominent beards, measuring up to 15 cm long. Once a year, hundreds of pigs come together to partake in . . .

Happy Eco News by Jamie D'Souza on 28 Sep 2022

6 Plant Sources to Feed the World in the Future

Takeaways: Looking at traditional plants, we can determine what crops we should invest in to ensure the highest chance of future food success. In response to a . . .

Happy Eco News by Jamie D'Souza on 28 Sep 2022

How To Reduce Microfiber Pollution From Your Laundry

Takeaways: Many fibres that make up clothes and linens contain microplastic, which are released in the washing machine and will find its way into oceans and . . .

Happy Eco News by Jamie D'Souza on 28 Sep 2022

“Fighting for Inches” in the Southeast’s Struggle With Salt

This is a re-post from Circle of Blue by Hannah Richter . . .

Skeptical Science New Research for Week #39 2022 by ? on 28 Sep 2022

Nord Stream gas leaks may be biggest ever, with warning of ‘large climate risk’

‘Colossal amount’ of leaked methane, twice initial estimates, is equivalent to third of Denmark’s annual CO2 emissions or 1.3m cars. Scientists fear methane . . .

Environment | The Guardian by eigh and Philip Oltermann on 28 Sep 2022

More than 1,700 environmental activists murdered in the past decade – report

Figures likely to be an underestimate, says Global Witness, as land defenders are killed by hitmen, crime groups and governments. More than 1,700 murders of . . .

Environment | The Guardian by reenfield on 28 Sep 2022

Manchin’s ‘Dirty Side-Deal’ Is Dead, For Now

The so-called Manchin side deal that would have fast-tracked energy projects including the controversial Mountain Valley Pipeline has been defeated, for . . .

EcoWatch by Olivia Rosane on 28 Sep 2022

Trees Are Getting Bigger in Response to Climate Change

Tree growth is as much a response to the environment as it is to the genetic make-up of the tree. Water, carbon dioxide, sun and minerals from the air and . . .

EcoWatch by Cristen Hemingway Jaynes on 28 Sep 2022

Texas the Biggest Culprit in Toxic Waterway Discharge in U.S., Report Finds

A new report from nonprofit Environment America analyzed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data and found that Texas is the No. 1 state in the U.S. for . . .

EcoWatch by Paige Bennett on 28 Sep 2022

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