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There are many excellent sources of Climate Change information, some more challenging than others. Non-experts, including the iBerry team, prefer to highlight educational material that is basic and open to all. This page is a first attempt to select links to relevant blogs and twitter lists but we need more recommendations. We would also like to include links to popular climate change websites and open textbooks. (Email address is on the front page)

Blog Post 'Collector'

The Collector below is programmed to output links and some initial text from Climate Change blog posts published over the last week and updates daily. Latest posts are displayed first and clicking on any title of interest will visit the original post on a new page. Over 20 blogs are now being scanned and the output covering 7 days is becoming very long but please continue to make recommendations. Blogger and WordPress blogs normally have feeds that the Collector can read but others may not.

The idea behind the Collector is to make some of the most recent recent climate change posts rapidly accessible rather than aggregate entire blogs as blog reader apps may do. Useful or useless idea? Feedback is welcome. Please note that a request from a blogger, not to scan their blog, will always be respected.

Blogs scanned over last 7 days from Sat Sep 26 2020 at 8:47 UTC

Despite COVID-19, young people resume global climate strikes

Greta Thunberg leads protests as Covid rules restrict numbers compared with last year. ..... . . . . . .

Climate & Energy | Grist by Fiona Harvey on 26 Sep 2020

The evidence is compelling on human activity as the principal cause of global warming

In our previous essay in this series, we showed that the global average temperature has increased since early in the industrial revolution, rising at an . . .

Yale Climate Connections by admin on 25 Sep 2020

Renewables could help Caribbean islands become more hurricane-resilient

When hurricanes strike the Caribbean, entire islands are sometimes left without power. That’s because there’s usually just one power plant and one . . .

Yale Climate Connections by admin on 25 Sep 2020

The most northerly youth climate strike ever!

What happens here in the Arctic affects the whole world - and often the people who have contributed least to climate change are the ones who are hurt by it the . . .

Greenpeace UK by Mal Chadwick on 25 Sep 2020

Supply chains generate massive carbon emissions

When it comes to cutting carbon emissions, think global. Think multinational. Think Coca-Cola, or Total. But don’t fly. The post Supply chains generate massive . . .

Climate News Network by Tim Radford on 25 Sep 2020

Why Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court would be a climate disaster

A 6-3 conservative majority could block climate action like never before. ..... . . . . . .

Climate & Energy | Grist by Shannon Osaka on 25 Sep 2020

Meet the climate expert running to be the first female scientist in the Senate

In the most Republican state in the country. ..... . . . . . .

Climate & Energy | Grist by Emily Pontecorvo on 25 Sep 2020

Kentucky’s climate is changing. Will its politics?

Mitch McConnell has long resisted climate action even as the farm and coal sectors suffer, but a growing movement could bring change. ..... . . . . . .

Climate & Energy | Grist by Andrew McCormick on 25 Sep 2020

This social-change leader doesn’t just want you to donate. She wants you to keep in touch.

Sudha Nandagopal on how we can fund movements for change. ..... . . . . . .

Climate & Energy | Grist by Claire Elise Thompson on 25 Sep 2020

Mike's Real Nature Trick

Over time Eli the Wise has noted a great deal of confusion about Mike's Nature Trick (TM Phil Jones). Here for example is James Delingpole being . . .

Rabett Run by EliRabett on 25 Sep 2020

AD or not AD: what’s the role of biogas in a net zero future?

This post is by Martin Bowman, senior policy and campaigns manager at Feedback. Anaerobic digestion, or AD, the process of producing ‘biogas’ from organic . . .

Inside track by Green Alliance blog on 25 Sep 2020

What Is Just Energy? A Conversation with Chandra Farley

While DC policymakers and media commentators argue over what ambitious plans like the Green New Deal and THRIVE agenda represent (hint: not a socialist . . .

Climate Reality by on 25 Sep 2020

Sunset for Oil? Energy Execs think Maybe So..

Reuters: HOUSTON (Reuters) – Nearly two-thirds of U.S. energy company executives polled by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas believe U.S. crude oil . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 25 Sep 2020

People We Can Do This

Don’t buy into the despair.They are getting really, really freaked out and genuinely frightened by an earthquake that is building against them. Lindsay . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 25 Sep 2020

Joe Biden: 5 Ways Climate Change Impacts Americans

..... . . . . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 25 Sep 2020

Fires in Pot Country May Bring Casualties as Growers Stay Put

Los Angeles Times: Nate Trujillo sat on a windy ridge and watched California’s largest wildfire, the August Complex, work its way toward the cannabis-growing . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 25 Sep 2020

Driving action in the Climate Decade - Reimagining India’s growth story

. . . . . .

News & Briefings by on 25 Sep 2020

With Teddy and Beta no longer threats, Atlantic hurricane season takes a break

A frenzied September for tropical activity across the Atlantic should draw to a close on a more tranquil note. The National Hurricane Center issued its final . . .

Yale Climate Connections by Bob Henson on 24 Sep 2020

Recent pieces on importance of ‘sliding baselines’

Here is a question posed by Vox reporter David Roberts: “Recent research shows that ‘extremely hot summers’ are 200 times more likely than . . .

Yale Climate Connections by admin on 24 Sep 2020

Low-income communities of color must be included in climate action, activist says

Richard Mabion is an environmental activist and president of the Kansas City, Kansas, branch of the NAACP. He says it’s important to engage low-income . . .

Yale Climate Connections by admin on 24 Sep 2020

Natural Spa on Mango Bay, Vietnam

This new spa on Mango Bay on Vietnam‘s Phu Quoc island is surrounded by forest. There is a landscaped pond in the middle, with the rooms constructed with rammed . . .

by Kelly Hart on 24 Sep 2020

Lentils can feed the world – and save wildlife too

Wildlife could flourish if humans opted for a better diet. Think of humble, healthy lentils as the green choice. The post Lentils can feed the world – and save . . .

Climate News Network by Tim Radford on 24 Sep 2020

Quannah Chasinghorse is fighting to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The 18-year-old is trying to defend her tribe's sacred lands and way of life, despite new threats from the Trump administration. ..... . . . . . .

Climate & Energy | Grist by Maia Wikler on 24 Sep 2020

The budget’s been scrapped so let’s use the time to think about how to improve tax

It can’t have come as a massive surprise to many that, as coronavirus surges once again, the chancellor has cancelled the autumn budget. With so much . . .

Inside track by Libby Peake on 24 Sep 2020

States Continue to Lead on Climate

California Will Ban ICE: Michigan Commits to Carbon Neutrality Michigan.gov: “The science is clear – climate change is directly impacting our public health, . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 24 Sep 2020

EV100 and the drive for electric transport

. . . . . .

News & Briefings by on 24 Sep 2020

Mindspace Business Parks REIT joins EV100

. . . . . .

News & Briefings by on 24 Sep 2020

By nurturing his soil, a Minnesota farmer makes his business more climate-friendly

There are always roots in the soil at A-Frame Farm in Minnesota. Instead of leaving his fields bare in winter, Luke Peterson grows cover crops. The roots of . . .

Yale Climate Connections by admin on 23 Sep 2020

COVID-19: understanding the short and long-term consequences

On March 11, 2020, Covid-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. In an effort to slow the spread of the virus and save lives, countries . . .

Purdue Climate Change Research Center by Melissa J Widhalm on 23 Sep 2020

UK nuclear industry seeks subsidies for survival

The UK nuclear industry hopes the British government will go on subsidising it, despite the existence of cheaper fuels. The post UK nuclear industry seeks . . .

Climate News Network by Paul Brown on 23 Sep 2020

Why the 6 topics for the first Biden-Trump debate are actually all about climate change

Every issue is a climate issue. ..... . . . . . .

Climate & Energy | Grist by Joseph Winters on 23 Sep 2020

Both parties used to love the carbon tax. So why are they giving up on it?

How American politics killed a consensus climate solution. ..... . . . . . .

Climate & Energy | Grist by Shannon Osaka on 23 Sep 2020

How did the 2020 wildfire season get so bad?

And what can we do about it going forward? ..... . . . . . .

Climate & Energy | Grist by Alexandria Herr on 23 Sep 2020

Trump finally sent aid to Puerto Rico. Is it enough to save a broken grid?

Environmentalists argue the grid should be rebuilt as a decentralized system with distributed solar energy and other renewable sources. ..... . . . . . .

Climate & Energy | Grist by Angely Mercado on 23 Sep 2020

Wildfire Conspiracy Theories Spread like, Well, Wildfire

I had a wide ranging interview with Daniel Swain of UCLA on the current wave of west coast wildfires, and other topics. That video will be coming from Yale . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 23 Sep 2020

Breaking Down Battery Day

The Verge: Here are the main takeaways from Tesla’s 2020 battery day:  Tabless Batteries Will Improve Tesla’s Range Tesla plans to manufacture its . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 23 Sep 2020

Sarah Cooper as Trump on Climate

..... . . . . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 23 Sep 2020

How’s that War on Science Going? Covid Edition.

Here’s what happens to top level decision makers after a 30 year war on science. A member of VP Pence’s virus response team quits and comes forward. . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 23 Sep 2020

Corporate clean power commitment unstoppable at Climate Week NYC, in spite of COVID-19

. . . . . .

News & Briefings by on 23 Sep 2020

‘Rainmaker’ Beta makes landfall in Texas; ‘Gigantic’ Teddy heads for Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Tropical Storm Beta made landfall near Port O’Connor, Texas at 11 p.m. EDT Monday, September 21, 2020, with sustained winds of 45 mph and a central . . .

Yale Climate Connections by Jeff Masters, Ph.D. on 22 Sep 2020

As wildfires, flooding, and hurricanes grow more frequent, climate migration begins

In the fall of 2015, the Valley Fire tore through Lake County in Northern California. Gina Waldon watched from her home in Middletown as the fire raged through . . .

Yale Climate Connections by Samantha Harrington on 22 Sep 2020

A transition to renewable energy will strengthen national security, Navy veteran says

Dan Misch spent five years in the Navy. When he left for civilian life, a career in clean energy was not on his radar. “I did not know very much about . . .

Yale Climate Connections by Diana Madson on 22 Sep 2020

Couple Builds Lovely Straw Bale Home in British Columbia

Shortly after moving to British Columbia, Amanda Follett Hosgood bought seven acres of raw land just outside Smithers. She started by building a garage with a . . .

by Kelly Hart on 22 Sep 2020

Crossing a Riven Country, Part Two

  This is the second installment in a two-part pandemic travelogue by frequent Orion contributor Joe Wilkins. You can read the first installment here. . . .

Orion Magazine by Nick Triolo on 22 Sep 2020

The Law of Enhanced Weathering for CO2 Removal: A New Sabin Center White Paper

By Romany Webb Despite scientists’ dire warnings about the catastrophic impacts of climate change, the greenhouse gases that cause it continue to be emitted in . . .

Climate Law Blog by Romany Webb on 22 Sep 2020

Live: Activists create protected area in North Sea to stop destructive fishing

Greenpeace is taking action in the North Sea to stop destructive fishing vessels from wrecking the seabed. Activists are placing boulders across a 47 square . . .

Greenpeace UK by Anthony Lewis on 22 Sep 2020

Parliament asked ordinary people what the UK should do about climate change – here’s what they said

After months of learning and debate, the ‘citizens’ assembly’ on climate change has said how the UK should play its part to tackle the problem. The results . . .

Greenpeace UK by Helle Abelvik-Lawson on 22 Sep 2020

Greenpeace builds underwater barrier to stop destructive bottom trawling in North Sea protected area

Activists on the Greenpeace ship Esperanza have today begun the closure of almost 50 square miles of the Dogger Bank protected area in the North Sea to all . . .

Greenpeace UK by James Hanson on 22 Sep 2020

Wilder shores of science yield new ideas on climate

New ideas on climate mean earthquake scientists know more about global heating and astronomers worry over rising warmth. The post Wilder shores of science yield . . .

Climate News Network by Tim Radford on 22 Sep 2020

Coming Soon: Trump EPA is Expected to Sign a Final “Air Toxics Loophole” That Will Increase Public Health Risk

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is expected to soon sign a final rule creating an “Air Toxics Loophole” in the Clean Air Act. That loophole would allow large . . .

Climate 411 by Tomas Carbonell on 22 Sep 2020

Happy Jewish New Year

Let This Year be as Short as Possible and Mark the End of the Virus I started to write a blog about opening schools—a timely topic right now. However, I got a . . .

ClimateChangeFork by climatechangefork on 22 Sep 2020

Voting 101: Five Tips for First Time Voters

Let’s face it: voting can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time filling out a ballot. How do you register? Do you need to bring anything with you? . . .

Climate Reality by on 22 Sep 2020

Do Utility Zero Carbon Plans Add Up?

New report from Deloitte meant to curb your enthusiasm for big decarb plans. What it basically says is that, if we’re going to do this, we have to get our . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 22 Sep 2020

Tesco joins call on UK Government to fast-track move to zero-emission cars and vans to 2030

. . . . . .

News & Briefings by on 22 Sep 2020

Save energy to slash emissions and create jobs, say major companies at Climate Week NYC

. . . . . .

News & Briefings by on 22 Sep 2020

Swells from Hurricane Teddy drive major king tide coastal flooding

Significant coastal flooding has been affecting much of the Southeast and mid-Atlantic U.S. coast since September 15, during the high “king tide” . . .

Yale Climate Connections by admin on 21 Sep 2020

Climate Change: The perfect fuel for wildfires? 

As wildfires continue to rage in North and South America, Met Office Chief Scientist Professor Stephen Belcher examines what has led to the potentially . . .

Official blog of the Met Office news team by Met Office Press Office on 21 Sep 2020

Increasing influence of warm and salty Atlantic water on the cold season Arctic sea ice melting

The Arctic Ocean in the upper 100 – 200 m is typically characterized by a cold and fresh surface mixed layer and a layer of rapidly increasing salinity . . .

Ocean to Climate by sklee621 on 21 Sep 2020

Europe warns of Brazilian trade boycott over fires

Appalled by more forest loss and worse wildfires, eight European countries warn of a possible Brazilian trade boycott. The post Europe warns of Brazilian trade . . .

Climate News Network by Jan Rocha on 21 Sep 2020

What We Learned From Our First-Ever Virtual Global Trainings

It’s been a year like no other. Like many of you, we started this year with big plans – only to have them turned upside down by events outside of our control. . . .

Climate Reality by on 21 Sep 2020

RE100 Leadership Awards 2020: The winners

. . . . . .

News & Briefings by on 21 Sep 2020

The Little Cafe that Could

When Myriam Ramsey visited the Permakultur Kalimantan Foundation in Indonesia last January, Frederika and her husband Jayadi were just completing the . . .

by Kelly Hart on 20 Sep 2020


I was blocked on Twitter by Zion Lights after I, somewhat snarkily, retweeted one of her tweets. Zion Lights is the UK director of Michael Shellenberger’s . . .

…and Then There's Physics by ...and Then There's Physics on 19 Sep 2020

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