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New posts collected on Sat Nov 26 2022 at 16:34 UTC.

Sharks and songbirds get new trade protections

Nearly 100 species of sharks and rays were added to an international treaty which experts say will help control trade of their meat and fins. . . .

BBC News - Science BBC News - Science & Environment by ? on 26 Nov 2022

Tutankhamun's inspiring 21st Century afterlife

Egyptologists are still learning about his life and treasures a century after his tomb was opened. . . .

BBC News - Science BBC News - Science & Environment by ? on 26 Nov 2022

UK weather prompts 'second spring' due to mild November weather

Flowers are experiencing a second bloom this year due to the unseasonable temperatures, experts say. . . .

BBC News - Science BBC News - Science & Environment by ? on 26 Nov 2022

Music Break: Bonnie Raitt Live – Can’t Find My Way Home

Music starts at 2:40. . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 26 Nov 2022

How Germany Replaced Russian Gas, on the Way to Green Hydrogen

Below, Michael Liebrich on Twitter with a thread on the practical realities of shipping hydrogen. Michael Leibrich on Twitter: Shipping liquid hydrogen is not . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 26 Nov 2022

Bridgestone Gets $35 Million Grant for Natural Rubber, Sustainable Agriculture

Takeaways: The Department of Agriculture has awarded Bridgestone a $35 million grant to promote sustainable agriculture and expand its natural rubber production . . .

Happy Eco News by Jamie D'Souza on 26 Nov 2022

4 California Dams Approved To Be Demolished, Letting Salmon Swim Free

Takeaways: U.S. regulators have approved a plan to demolish four dams on a California river. The project would return the lower half of California’s . . .

Happy Eco News by Jamie D'Souza on 26 Nov 2022

Kering Goes for the Gold By Mitigating Its Environmental Footprint

Takeaways: Kering has set up three pillars to reach their sustainability targets: care, collaborate, and create. The company is on track to reduce CO2 emissions . . .

Happy Eco News by Jamie D'Souza on 26 Nov 2022

Sharks, songbirds and species depleted by pet trade given extra protections

Cites treaty, adopted in 1963, protects more than 500 species, many exploited by unsustainable or illegal trade. An international wildlife conference has moved . . .

Environment | The Guardian by d Press in Panama on 26 Nov 2022

Water chiefs blame UK government for failure to stop sewage pollution

Under-fire water firms, criticised for their part in the scandal, have pointed the finger at the authorities in newly revealed letters. Water company bosses . . .

Environment | The Guardian by rton on 26 Nov 2022

Country diary: Litter, litter, everywhere

Kendal, Cumbria: Here in the river we do our best to remove the waste that is at least visible to the naked eye. On a bright autumn morning, a colourful . . .

Environment | The Guardian by Beer on 26 Nov 2022

Black-Naped Pheasant-Pigeon Sighted in PNG for First Time in 140 Years

Takeaways: After 140 years since last being sighted, researchers have rediscovered the black-naped pheasant pigeon. Using camera traps, they captured footage of . . .

Happy Eco News by Jamie D'Souza on 25 Nov 2022

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Young Leaders Restoring Nature in Wales

Takeaways: Young people, land workers, and elders are restoring nature in Wales. The Penpont restoration is the largest intergenerational ecological restoration . . .

Happy Eco News by Jamie D'Souza on 25 Nov 2022

‘Intrinsic to our identity’: kiwi brought back to Wellington’s wilds

Introduced predators and habitat loss saw New Zealand’s national bird vanish from the capital 100 years ago. A new cohort of 11 birds is changing all that. . . .

Environment | The Guardian by tt in Wellington on 25 Nov 2022

E-Waste 101: Everything You Need to Know

E-waste – also called electronic waste, e-scrap, end-of-life electronics, or WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) – is electronics that have been . . .

EcoWatch by Linnea Harris on 25 Nov 2022

How to Get (and Keep) Squirrels Out of Your Attic

Before these squirrel-squatters get inside - and even after they already have - there are some easy, humane solutions to keeping your attic creature-free during . . .

EcoWatch by Linnea Harris on 25 Nov 2022

Is the World Cup Really Carbon Neutral?

The 2022 World Cup kicked off Sunday with a match between host country Qatar and the national team of Ecuador. In the runup to the much-anticipated . . .

EcoWatch by Olivia Rosane on 25 Nov 2022

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