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There are many excellent sources of Climate Change information, some more challenging than others. Non-experts, including the iBerry team, try to highlight good educational material that is basic and open to all. This page provides links to the very latest blog posts and twitter lists - more recommendations are always welcome. (Email address is on the front page) We also will include links to popular climate change websites and any open textbooks but this is taking some time!

Blog Post 'Collector' - daily updates

The idea behind the Collector is to make some of the most recent recent climate change blog posts rapidly accessible in a convenient form. Useful or useless idea? Your feedback is welcome.

The Collector is programmed to output links and some initial text from Climate Change blog posts published over the last week or so. Latest posts are displayed first and clicking on any title of interest will visit the original post on a new page. Over 25 blogs are now being scanned and several changes have been made to the format.

Firstly, posts appearing for the first time are labelled 'New Post'. Secondly, to restrict output length without completely losing posts, older posts now appear in a compressed form with clickable titles but no initial text. Blogger and WordPress blogs normally have feeds that the Collector can read but others may not. Please note that a request from a blogger, not to scan their blog, is always respected.

Blogs scanned over last 7 days from Wed Oct 21 2020 at 9:03 UTC
New Post

How the US could go from climate laggard to climate leader — in 8 simple steps

These popular policies could make America green again. . . .

Climate Energy | Grist by Grist staff on 21 Oct 2020

New Post

How did we get here? Four years of climate change in eight minutes

One presidential term, as told through climate change. . . .

Climate Energy | Grist by Daniel Penner on 21 Oct 2020

New Post

The cheapest climate solution? Return half of the planet to nature, this scientist says.

Visionary conservationist Eric Dinerstein on why a bold proposal to protect half the earth’s landmass is totally doable. . . .

Climate Energy | Grist by Brianna Baker on 21 Oct 2020

New Post

Epsilon expected to brush Bermuda as a category 1 hurricane

Tropical Storm Epsilon is slowly intensifying in the central Atlantic as it heads north-northwest toward Bermuda, which is under a tropical storm watch. The . . .

Yale Climate Connections by Jeff Masters, Ph.D. on 20 Oct 2020

New Post

A climate scientist’s up-close personal encounter with a nearby record-setting Colorado wildfire

  FORT COLLINS, CO. – Where I live there’s a spectacular gradient of climate and vegetation extending from the semi-arid grassland around . . .

Yale Climate Connections by admin on 20 Oct 2020

New Post

How energy efficiency upgrades can bolster affordable housing

Many U.S. cities are in dire need of affordable housing, and what is available often needs repair. But making buildings more energy efficient can help – . . .

Yale Climate Connections by admin on 20 Oct 2020

New Post

Young Indian Architects and Builders Are Embracing Sustainability

There a slow revolution brewing in the world of construction. Since the mid-1960s British-born Indian architect Laurie Baker pioneered a newer method of . . .

by Kelly Hart on 20 Oct 2020

New Post

October 2020 Updates to the Climate Case Charts

By Margaret Barry and Korey Silverman-Roati Each month, Arnold & Porter and the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law collect and summarize developments in . . .

Climate Law Blog by grennanmilliken on 20 Oct 2020

New Post

11 things you never knew you could carry on a bike

From multiple children to industrial fridges - with a cargo bike, the possibilities are endless. . . .

Greenpeace UK by Mal Chadwick on 20 Oct 2020

New Post

Rising heat means more methane, warmer nights

Nights are warmer. So are northern lakes. And farm livestock are at greater risk of disease, thanks to rising heat. . . .

Climate News Network by Tim Radford on 20 Oct 2020

New Post

Presidential Debates and Science

After President Trump refused to take part in the newly virtual debate following his coronavirus diagnosis, the debate was cancelled. However, the debate didn’t . . .

ClimateChangeFork by climatechangefork on 20 Oct 2020

Tackling climate change seemed expensive. Then COVID happened.

A new study finds that just one-tenth of COVID stimulus spending would be enough to limit global warming. . . .

Climate Energy | Grist by Joseph Winters on 20 Oct 2020

With the world on fire, climate fiction no longer looks like fantasy

Cli-fi got studied, and it looks like you book nerds were onto something. . . .

Climate Energy | Grist by Kate Yoder on 20 Oct 2020

New Post

What will the Brexit endgame mean for the environment?

The pandemic seems to have warped our sense of time. It was early spring and now, suddenly, it’s autumn. But Brexit has provided a strange bit of consistency . . .

Inside track by Sarah Williams on 20 Oct 2020

New Post

Bank of the West Launches 1% for the Planet Checking Account

For years, Bank of the West has helped people align their finances with their values, restricting the financing of fossil fuels, big tobacco, palm oil and other . . .

Be 1% Better by Marketing on 20 Oct 2020

New Post

Poll: Voters Favor Massive Climate Spending

New poll from New York Times/Sienna College. The headline might be that science is winning. New York Times: Seven in 10 voters, including more than half of . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 20 Oct 2020

Tropical Storm Epsilon forms in the central Atlantic

Tropical Storm Epsilon formed in the central Atlantic 735 miles southeast of Bermuda at 11 a.m. Monday, October 19, 2020, becoming the 26th named storm of this . . .

Yale Climate Connections by Jeff Masters, Ph.D. on 19 Oct 2020

Scientists honing new ways to measure a city’s carbon footprint

  BOSTON, MA. – Millions of stacks and tailpipes in cities around the world send up 70 percent of the carbon dioxide ejected into the atmosphere by . . .

Yale Climate Connections by Daniel Grossman on 19 Oct 2020

How extreme weather can affect children

Hurricanes can cause dangerous floods and other hazards such as downed power lines and shattered windows. In the chaos, young children are particularly . . .

Yale Climate Connections by admin on 19 Oct 2020

China’s climate lead offers the planet new hope

Beijing’s plan to cut greenhouse gases could mean a global expansion of green industries following China’s climate lead. . . .

Climate News Network by Paul Brown on 19 Oct 2020

The biggest fight over cap and trade isn’t about what you think it is

Did California's landmark legislation help or hurt the state's most vulnerable? . . .

Climate Energy | Grist by Nathanael Johnson on 19 Oct 2020

This radiant model wants you to stop worrying and love nuclear energy

The world’s first nuclear influencer is not a shill. . . .

Climate Energy | Grist by Emily Pontecorvo on 19 Oct 2020

No Overlaps - The source of the Urban Heat Island

Yesterday, Eli showed that surface warming depends on the average distance that an IR photon will travel before being absorbed by a greenhouse gas molecule. . . .

Rabett Run by EliRabett on 19 Oct 2020

Young People Are Turning Out For Tomorrow

Historically, young people have earned a bad rap for sitting out elections. But as Election Day 2020 nears, we know that things will be different. Young people . . .

Climate Reality by on 19 Oct 2020

Gas Looking Like Coal, Just before the Crash

In 2008-9, Coal was supposedly on the verge of a huge new buildout. It all went belly up much faster than anyone imagined. I had lunch with a major utility . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 19 Oct 2020

Trump Mocks Biden for Listening to Science

Khmer Rouge rule of Cambodia – Wikipedia: The Khmer Rouge government arrested, tortured and eventually executed anyone suspected of belonging to . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 19 Oct 2020

The Institute of Denial

When you are a Conservative party sorely lacking in factual support for your programs, you launder bad ideas through a far right wing “Institution” . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 19 Oct 2020

New Post

Paris to Glasgow – exclusive conversation between Christiana Figueres and COP President Alok Sharma

. . .

News Briefings by on 19 Oct 2020

Traditional Native American Architectural Values

Imagine a community where every home maintains a comfortable temperature without the use of electricity, built with local materials and aligned to maximize . . .

by Kelly Hart on 18 Oct 2020

Rewild to mitigate the climate crisis, urge leading scientists

Restoring degraded natural lands highly effective for carbon storage and avoiding species extinctions. . . .

Climate Energy | Grist by Fiona Harvey on 18 Oct 2020

Coronavirus Transmission, Indoor Ventilation, Niagara Falls “Ghost Town” Chat

Coronavirus Transmission; Indoor Ventilation Chat from a Scenic Niagara Falls “Ghost Town” Vista // Oct 18, 2020 I visited Niagara Falls for a few days this . . .

Paul Beckwith, Climate System Scientist by paulbeckwith on 18 Oct 2020

‘We don’t have any choice’: The young climate activists naming and shaming politicians

As the election nears, young Americans are calling on U.S. politicians to take action on climate, police brutality and immigration. . . .

Climate Energy | Grist by Nina Lakhani on 17 Oct 2020

How Greenhouse Gases Heat the Surface Revealed

Over many years Eli, your humble Bunny, has explained things about the Greenhouse Effect in words that even Mom Rabett of blessed memory would understand. The . . .

Rabett Run by EliRabett on 17 Oct 2020

The Weekend Wonk: Senator Whitehouse on Dark Money and the Courts

Most important part of Senator Whitehouse’ exposition before the Judiciary this week starts at about 20 minutes in.Lots of background details in first 20 . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 17 Oct 2020

Vigorous action needed, and soon, on climate change

Our essays in this series have presented compelling scientific evidence about the warming of the planet, reviewed the evidence that human activity is its . . .

Yale Climate Connections by admin on 16 Oct 2020

‘Youth Climate Leaders’ helps young people build careers as climate leaders

Cassia Moraes has an ambitious goal: to empower 1 million youth to lead on climate change. “A huge number of young people worldwide, now that they are . . .

Yale Climate Connections by Molly Matthews Multedo on 16 Oct 2020

Jiaohe: an Ancient Chinese Mud City

Jiaohe is an ancient ruined city and fortress, located in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. The city served as the capital of the Anterior Jushi . . .

by Kelly Hart on 16 Oct 2020

World makes haste too slowly on cutting energy use

The annual report card on the global energy industry says progress towards lower energy use must be much faster. . . .

Climate News Network by Kieran Cooke on 16 Oct 2020

A Thank You to the Movement from XR Political Circle and the CEE Bill Alliance

What a spectacular Rebellion we had. Huge congratulations to rebels for the amazing actions and for the solidarity that was shown, we are privileged and . . .

Extinction Rebellion UK by Zoe Blackler on 16 Oct 2020

Can you see it ? | Extinction Rebellion France

Can you see the absurdity of our world? Can you imagine another society? The post Can you see it ? | Extinction Rebellion France appeared first on Extinction . . .

Extinction Rebellion UK by XR Video on 16 Oct 2020

Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 15 – Economics for the Planet with Kate Raworth, Author of Doughnut Economics

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic Live on all platforms NOW This episode Jessica & #MoneyRebellion’s Will talk . . .

Extinction Rebellion UK by Extinction Rebellion Podcast on 16 Oct 2020

Outside Biden’s town hall, middle school activists demand climate action

New Sunrise Movement recruits rally for Biden, but they still want a Green New Deal. . . .

Climate Energy | Grist by Emily Pontecorvo on 16 Oct 2020

What are the lessons from the EU for the UK’s own internal market?

This post is by Nigel Haigh, former director of the Institute for European Environmental Policy and chair of Green Alliance from 1989 to 1998. There are two . . .

Inside track by Green Alliance blog on 16 Oct 2020

Trailer: I am Greta

. . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 16 Oct 2020

The Climate Ad Project

Peter Kalmus (@ClimateHuman on twitter) is behind this effort, to engage a billion activists for a livable climate. Peter is an incredibly passionate scientist . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 16 Oct 2020

In Florida: Hints of a Climate Real Estate Crash

New York Times: If rising seas cause America’s coastal housing market to dive — or, as many economists warn, when — the beginning might look a little like . . .

Climate Denial Crock of the Week by greenman3610 on 16 Oct 2020

The case for efficient cooling: Mahindra Mahindra case study

Mahindra Mahindra . . .

News Briefings by on 16 Oct 2020

The case for efficient cooling: Godrej Industries case study

Godrej Industries . . .

News Briefings by on 16 Oct 2020

The case for efficient cooling: Majid al-Futtaim case study

Majid al-Futtaim . . .

News Briefings by on 16 Oct 2020

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