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Social, Economic and Political issues.

Working from home 1 day a week cuts carbon by 2%. 2-4 days up to 29%. Full-time 54%.

When is ‘naming and shaming’ effective as climate enforcement? And when isn’t it?

A huge chunk of global food production rests on the shoulders of this tiny player 

The world has already crossed a solar power tipping point

Solar farms in space could be commercially viable

BBC News
Metal-mining pollution impacts 23 million people worldwide

Richest oil states should pay climate tax, says Gordon Brown

World shift to clean energy is unstoppable, IEA report says

Big banks linked to products with pangolin and leopard parts

Blue & Green Tomorrow
How to Save the Environment – and Save Money Doing It

Change Oracle
How the Economics of Fossil Fuels Explain Climate Inaction

Climate Law
Sabin Center Launches Report with Summaries of the Briefs and Statements Submitted to the ITLOS on The Advisory Opinion on Climate Change

Major Polluters U.S. and China Not Invited to Speak at UN Climate Ambition Summit

Twitter/X Climate Misinformation Policies Ranked Worst in Survey of Big Tech Platforms

Pope Francis Urges World to Speed Up Transition to Renewable Energy

Climate-Related Damage Costs $16 Million per Hour on Average Globally, New Study Estimates

AI Tech Could Require as Much Electricity as a Small Nation, Study Finds

World ‘Failing’

EU deforestation-free rule ‘highly challenging’ for SE Asia smallholders, experts say

Seventy-plus nations sign historic high seas treaty, paving way for ratification

Environmental Defense Fund
Global Stocktake report highlights opportunities for ambitious climate action

Forest conservation ‘off-track’ to halt deforestation by 2030: New report

Extinction Rebellion
Cancel Global South debt and deliver $7.9 trillion in climate reparations NOW

Offshore wind turbines need rare earth metals. Will there be enough to go around?

Workers are dying from extreme heat. Why aren’t there laws to protect them?

The pope leads 1.4 billion Catholics. Getting them to care about the climate is harder than he thought.

Happy Eco News
The Essential Role of Incentives and Taxes in Climate Action

I Spent 3 Years Learning About Sustainability, and This is the Truth You Need to Know

The UN’s Landmark Treaty for High Seas Conservation

Regenerative Economy: Towards a New Economic Model

Met Office
Food security under pressure from climate change

Tackling energy poverty at its source

Rupert Read
Everyone and everywhere is now on the climate frontline

State of the Planet
Opinion: For Solar Power to Go Global, We Must Consider Relaxing Intellectual Property Rights

The Guardian
‘Super-tipping points’ could trigger cascade of climate action

‘Staggering’ green growth gives hope for 1.5C, says global energy chief

Slow route to net zero will worsen global climate crisis, IPCC chief warns

Pope urges rich world to make profound changes to tackle climate crisis

Global carbon emissions from electric power may peak this year, report says

Climate crisis costing $16m an hour in extreme weather damage, study estimates

How criminalisation is being used to silence climate activists across the world

IMF should give poor countries $300bn a year to fight climate crisis, says Joseph Stiglitz

Earth’s ‘vital signs’ worse than at any time in human history, scientists warn

Yale Climate Connections
Opinion: Let’s free ourselves from the story of economic growth

The world’s poorest people won’t be able to migrate to escape climate disasters

Electric vehicles may improve a community’s health

IEA says ‘unprecedented’clean energy surge has kept key warming target alive

How to protect inland communities from climate gentrification

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