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Social, Economic and Political issues.

What does family planning look like in a warming world?

First ever planet-wide analysis shows conservation work is making a measurable difference

Can climate change break the partisan logjam?

Researchers designed a test of “carbon competence.” Pretty much everyone failed.

Blue & Green Tomorrow
Study: Remote Work Lowers Carbon Footprint Up To 54%

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
2030 Climate Solutions: implementation as the new measure of ambition

Change Oracle
Polycrisis: A Maelstrom of Interacting Crises

Climate 411
Financing Solutions for Slow Onset Climate Challenges: Drawing on Nature’s Untapped Potential

Bonn 2024: Laying the Groundwork for Global Climate Action from Baku to Belém

Conflicts: Losers Should be Able to Share with Winners to Ensure Progress

56 Companies Responsible for Half of Global Plastic Pollution That Researchers Could Trace

G7 Nations Agree to End Coal Use by 2035, With Caveats

Taxing Fossil Fuel Companies Could Be ‘Powerful Tool’ to Cut Emissions and Promote Climate Justice, Report Finds

Nearly 75% of Climate Experts Blame ‘Lack of Political Will’ for High Chance of Future Warming

New Global Wildlife Crime Report Finds 4,000 Species Being Targeted in 162 Countries

Small Island Nations Secure Historic Climate Win From International Ocean Tribunal

Climate Change Costs the World 12% in GDP Losses for Every 1°C of Warming, Report Says

Four Out of Five People Want Increased Climate Action, UN Poll Says

EnviroLink Network
How ‘15-minute cities’ could save time, reduce emissions, and build community

Environment | The Guardian
UN-led panel aims to tackle abuses linked to mining for ‘critical minerals’

Taxing big fossil fuel firms ‘could raise $900bn in climate finance by 2030’

Countries consider pact to reduce plastic production by 40% in 15 years

Developed countries accused of bowing to lobbyists at plastic pollution talks

Methane emissions from gas flaring being hidden from satellite monitors

Violent attacks against environmental journalists on the rise, report finds

World’s top climate scientists expect global heating to blast past 1.5C target

‘Hopeless and broken’: why the world’s top climate scientists are in despair

‘The stakes could not be higher’: world is on edge of climate abyss, UN warns

‘I am starting to panic about my child’s future’: climate scientists wary of starting families

The climate crisis is no laughing matter, no matter what those on Radio 4’s Today programme think | Bill McGuire

Brutal heatwaves and submerged cities: what a 3C world would look like

Global wildlife crime causing ‘untold harm’, UN report finds

Fossil fuel firms forcing countries to compensate them, Mary Robinson says

Top oil firms’ climate pledges failing on almost every metric, report finds

Environmental Defense Fund
Lessons learned: New climate and biodiversity funds don’t need to start from scratch

Greenpeace UK
Taxing fossil fuel giants could raise $720 bn by 2030 to help world’s poorest with climate damages, new report finds

The climate evidence Shell doesn’t want you to see

Happy Eco News
The Top 5 Eco News Trends (Plus 1 Bonus Trend)

Debunking the Wind Energy Waste Myth

100% Renewable Energy Countries

Ocean Resilience and Climate Alliance Secures New Investment

Inside Track
Public services are necessary to create a green economy

Asset management has a unique power to act on climate change

Green credentials of electric vehicles come under fire

With a deadline looming, countries race for a global agreement to cut plastic waste

RESIST Media Briefing: Nature-based solutions for a positive economy

Together is better

The Revelator
Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Block Progress Again — This Time on Plastics

This is Not Cool
Bottom Line: Markets Adapting to Climate Change

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