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People and their Stories.

CLEO Institute
The CLEO Institute Honors VoLo Foundation and Miami-Dade County Public Schools with DR. F. LYNN LEVERETT

The Power of She: Women Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

A tribute to Alice Munro

Climate Energy - Grist
Climate connections: Four stories of relationships forged through climate action

How this organizer is fighting the liquefied natural gas industry where she lives

A journey into home electrification

Climate Majority Project
Navigating the challenges of decarbonising heat: a homeowner’s journey

Environment | The Guardian
‘Does rewilding sort climate change? Yes!’: UK expert says nature can save planet and not harm farming

‘She moved me’: the UK dancers inspired by India’s 112-year-old environmentalist

Greta Thunberg joins climate protest blocking Swedish parliament

Swedish police forcibly remove Greta Thunberg from parliament entrance

‘They’re at the forefront’: the women leading the way through Britain’s farming crisis

‘Water is worth more than gold’: eco-activist Esteban Polanco on why violence won’t stop him

‘He took five bullets and returned to work on plankton’: the double lives of Ukraine’s Antarctic scientists

Female photographers celebrate Jane Goodall’s 90th birthday

Greta Thunberg detained at The Hague climate demonstration

Extinction Rebellion co-founder avoids jail term for drone action near Heathrow

Ice dives, walrus snaps and whale encounters: the man telling extreme stories of an Arctic at risk

‘The fear has properly set in’: how it feels to watch my home town disappear into the sea

Environmental Humanities Center
Learning to See Differently and Opening up to Deep Time

Fairventures Worldwide
Female power and leadership at Fairventures

Patience Naamara’s Journey in Leading Climate Action Through Forestry

Planetary boundary pioneer Johan Rockström awarded 2024 Tyler Prize

Lula’s deforestation goals threatened by frustrated environmental agents

Indonesian court jails environmentalist for flagging illegal farms in marine park

As a megaport rises in Cameroon, a delicate coastal ecosystem ebbs

How to ‘stop mining before it starts’: Interview with community organizer Carlos Zorrilla

2024 Goldman Prize Winner Murrawah Johnson: First Nations must be at the forefront of creating change

‘Our life support system is at risk’: Interview with ‘Her Deepness’ Sylvia Earle

Black conservationist aims to welcome more people of color to environmental movement

U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry is giving up the job title — but not the fight

Natural Building Blog
Amory Lovins Claims that Renewable Energy Can Supply Our Future Needs

State of the Planet
Girl Talk Is Making Waves

Catherine McKenna on Her Life, Work and Preserving the World for Future Generations

For This Graduating Senior, Climate, Culture and Community Go Hand in Hand

Army Veteran and Environmental Advocate: A Sustainability Science Student’s Journey to Columbia

Meet the Woman Pioneering Sustainable Change in Fashion

From Fission to Fusion: A Sustainability Student’s Quest for a Greener Future

The CLEO Institute
Safe spaces for college students are under threat

Gainesville religious communities use faith to inspire climate action

The Revelator
Meet the Malaysian Conservationist Devoting Her Life to Protecting Fireflies

Yale Climate Connections
Michael Mann beat his defamers. But climate scientists are still under attack.

Hop on a bike with your editors

A blizzard put a hyper-efficient home to the test. It passed.

Group leads tree plantings in deforestation-wracked Ghana

‘Just do it!’ Wisconsin couple built a net-zero home

West Virginia man works to boost solar industry in his home state

Man converts his home to all-electric dream house

‘Not alone, but with others.’ Pastor helps faith leaders speak up on climate change

8-year-old spurs his dad to climate action

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