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Young People.

BBC News
Climate change: The young activists changing the sceptics' minds

Blue and Green Tomorrow
How Going Green Can Help Students Save Money

How to Prioritize Sustainability When Studying Abroad

Climate Energy - Grist
This spring, DC-area students are planting native flowers — and activating ‘the solarpunk imagination’

‘Showing the Government That We’re Going to Follow Science’: University of Florida Student Senate Adopts Green New Deal

Hawaii Agrees to Decarbonize Its Transportation in ‘Groundbreaking’ Youth Climate Change Settlement

Environment | The Guardian
UK students launch Barclays ‘career boycott’ over bank’s climate policies

Young country diary: I’m racing the mist to the mountain top | Emily

Greta Thunberg joins climate protest blocking Swedish parliament

Swedish police forcibly remove Greta Thunberg from parliament entrance

Three-quarters of children want more time in nature, says National Trust

Adults doubted us. We found a way to shrink emissions at our middle school anyway

Adults doubted us. We found a way to shrink emissions at our middle school anyway

Fairventures Worldwide
Quiz Night at the Timber Innovation Center with students from Makerere and Kyambogo Universitiy

Greenpeace UK
Kids’ plastic t-shirt design competition

Kids t-shirt design competition: here are the winners!

Happy Eco News
How to Live an Eco-Friendly Student Life

Eco Students Organisations Around the World

How Students Can Contribute to Raising Environmental Awareness

We’re doing so much with so little’: Interview with WildLabs’ Talia Speaker

Project retraces Darwin’s voyage, educating young conservation leaders

Brazilian youngsters discuss how they are tackling the climate emergency

Sustainable India Webinar 2: Youth Movement for Climate Change

State of the Planet
Student Spotlight: How the Sustainable Development Program Helped Further My Career

Student Spotlight: Ponce de Leon Tidwell

Alumni Spotlight: When the Student Becomes the Teacher

Student Spotlight: Reframing Corporate Sustainability to Account for Communities

Student Spotlight: Funding an Equitable Clean Energy Transition

Student Spotlight: How Two Sustainable Development Program Alumni Chose Their Graduate Careers

Students Raise Their Voices for a Just Energy Transition

Student Spotlight: Exploring the Impact of Sustainable Development on Study Abroad Experiences

Student Spotlight: Navigating Sustainable Development for My Career Through Capstone Projects

From Fission to Fusion: A Sustainability Student’s Quest for a Greener Future

How One Sustainable Development Student Balances Academics and Athletics

Take Action Global
CAS Spotlight: Young Afghan Environmentalists Inspiring Climate Action

Greening Futures: Bahrain’s Students Lead with Renewable Energy

New Program Supports Teachers to Integrate Coding with Climate Action

Climate Action School Spotlight: Romania

The CLEO Institute
Youth climate activists come to Tallahassee, calling for ‘immediate and bold action’

The largest youth activist gathering sets its sights on the Florida Capitol

Youth Climate Activists in Tallahassee Demand ‘Immediate and Bold Action,’ but Lawmakers Aren’t Interested

Florida students, activists meet with legislators to address climate concerns

Yale Climate Connections
'A culture of repair': Students learn to mend clothes and the planet

A South Dakota technical college wants to train students to repair EVs and hybrids

Puppet king teaches Minnesota kids about climate change

High schoolers build solar car that can go 70 miles an hour

Young people push for a Green New Deal for schools across the U.S.

High schoolers helped develop Tuscon’s climate action plan

Video game teaches teens to stay calm in a weather emergency

The Benefits of Youth Volunteering: Empowering the Next Generation

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