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Basic Science.

BBC News
Antarctic sea-ice at 'mind-blowing' low alarms experts

What is climate change? A really simple guide.

Warmest September on record as 'gobsmacking' data shocks scientists

World breaches key 1.5C warming mark for record number of days

Sea-level rise: West Antarctic ice shelf melt 'unavoidable'

Change Oracle
Attribution Science Links Warming to Storms and Wildfires

What are Climate Feedback Loops?

Copernicus Climate Change Service Reports Summer 2023 as Hottest Summer on Record

Half of Earth’s Glaciers Could Melt With 1.5°C of Warming, NASA Study Finds

Climate Change Feedback Loop: Extreme Heat and Air Quality Must Be Tackled Together, WMO Says

Light Pollution Threatens Entire Coastal Ecosystems, Study Suggests

Six of Nine Planetary Boundaries Have Now Been Exceeded, Study Says

El Niño 95% Likely to Continue Through March 2024: Climate Prediction Center

Extreme Heat 101: Everything You Need to Know

Fossil Fuels 101: Everything You Need to Know

Gulf Stream Weakening Confirmed With 99% Certainty in New Study

Most Oceans Are Turning Greener, 20-Year Study Finds

Greenland’s Ice Sheet Surface Melt Is Accelerating While Antarctica’s Slows Down, Study Finds

Northern Wilderness Could Turn to Farmland as Climate Warms

Sucking carbon dioxide out of the sky is moving from science fiction to reality

Environmental Defense Fund
Global Stocktake report highlights opportunities for ambitious climate action

Why wetlands are vital for biodiversity and climate change

The planet just sizzled through the hottest summer on record

Happy Eco News
Harnessing Carbon Mineralization: A Powerful Tool to Combat Climate Change

Met Office
What do we mean by a climate tipping point?

Arctic Sea Ice 6th Lowest on Record

International Ocean Satellite Monitors How El Niño Is Shaping Up

State of the Planet
Putting This Summer’s Record Global Heat Into Context

AI’s Growing Carbon Footprint

When It Rains, It Pours. Why?

Sea Level Rise: A Crash Course for All

Study Identifies Jet-Stream Pattern That Locks in Extreme Winter Cold, Wet Spells

When It Comes to Climate, Embrace Chaos, Says a Physicist

The Guardian
World meteorologists point to ‘vicious cycle’ of heatwaves and air pollution

Deadly humid heatwaves to spread rapidly as climate warms – study

Earth ‘well outside safe operating space for humanity’, scientists find

Swiss glaciers lose 10% of their volume in two years

The hottest summer in human history – a visual timeline

Antarctica has lost 7.5tn tonnes of ice since 1997, scientists find

Earth close to ‘risk tipping points’ that will damage our ability to deal with climate crisis, warns UN

Yale Climate Connections
When salt marshes erode, they can release carbon dioxide to the atmosphere

August 2023 was Earth’s hottest August on record

Sea level rise varies from place to place. Why?

Is a Category 6 hurricane possible? (our first short)

September 2023 was Earth’s most extreme month for heat ever recorded

New report has terrific news for the climate

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