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Books and MOOCs.

Blue and Green Tomorrow
books films great books help you to understand climate crisis

How to Recycle Books: 7 Easy Steps

Climate Energy - Grist
The growing popularity of degrowth

Climate Denial Crock of the Week
“Our Fragile Moment”: New Book from Michael Mann.

Daisy World: Early Insight into Earth’s Balance.

Climate Law
climatechange 2023 07 11 antitrust reading list competitor collaborations and sustainability

4 Must-Read Graphic Nonfiction Books About the Environment

Environment | The Guardian
Author walks out of Edinburgh book festival over sponsor’s fossil fuel links

New dawn for Arctic’s first people: the Inuit plan to reclaim their sea.

‘We’re not doomed yet’: climate scientist Michael Mann on our last chance to save human civilisation.

I thought most of us were going to die from the climate crisis. I was wrong

The Price Is Wrong by Brett Christophers review – why capitalism can’t save the planet

Environmental Humanities Center Amsterdam
Online Event: Book Presentation with Elena Kochetkova

Book Review Vintage Edition: Ecotopia, The Dispossessed, and FEASTA’s Theory of Change

‘The Heat Will Kill You First’ is a chilling book — and a warning

Happy Eco News
The Solutions are Already Here

Daylighting Tibbetts Brook: Green Infrastructure as Both a Climate and Environmental Win 

10 notable books on conservation and the environment published in 2023

'Not the End of the World' author on tackling climate change

Daniel Lewis explored the roles of different trees play his new book, 'Twelve Trees'

5 Hot New Environmental Books.

Climate Denial in American Politics #ClimateBrawl

Rupert Read
Ending the beginning?: ‘The end we start from’ brings the climate fightback alive

State of the Planet
How Can Cities Fight Climate Change and Still Stay Within Legal Guardrails?.

Sustainability Unlocked
On-demand sustainability and ESG courses.

The Revelator
Revelator Reads: 15 Random Books That Every Environmentalist Should Read

Yale Climate Connections
2023 06 books to help you stay inspired to fight climate change

Universities on Fire is brisk, inspiring and sobering

Yale Climate Connections book club: Essays of hope and action inspire readers

Eight excellent books on sea level rise risk for U.S. cities

For this smoky summer, 12 new books and reports on wildfires

Yale Climate Connections book club: Centering hope and possibility.

Two new nonfiction books confront the wildfires we face and how to deal with them.

Books for our new, climate-changed summers.

12 new climate change books for professors and teachers.

Climate change reports on ‘thought/think’ pieces.

Meet the author of “Climate Resilience: How We Keep Each Other Safe, Care for Our Communities, and Fight Back Against Climate Change”.

New books and reports about climate change and your health.

12 climate change books to give friends and family over the holidays

The ‘Climate Action Handbook’ is a guide to protecting the climate

Our leading candidates for an election-year reading list

Should climate change keep you from having kids?

Climate books for Black History Month

We must cut carbon from industry. Here’s how we can do it.

12 books and reports for Women’s History Month

A data scientist’s case for ‘cautious optimism’ about climate change

Book review: ‘Saving Ourselves’ author says we can’t wait on global leaders to save the climate

12 new books to honor Earth Day

Book review: “On the Move” is a must-read account of U.S. climate migration

Create your own climate change summer reading program

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