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Indigenous Values, Traditions, Rights.

California Wildfire Smoke Impacts Indigenous Communities Nearly 2x More Than Expected

California’s Yurok Tribe Becomes First to Steward Land Alongside National Park Service

A rare celebration of Indigenous Pacific cultures underscores the cost of climate change

The Tule River Tribe of California recruits an old ally in its fight against wildfires: Beavers

Indigenous Climate Hub
Putting IWD 2024 in the Context of Intersectionality and Climate Justice

Promoting Gender-Responsive Budgeting for Climate Action and Social Change

Reflecting on the Future: The Importance of Generational Stewardship in Combating Climate Change

Attack on Pataxó Hãhãhãi Indigenous leaders must be investigated (commentary)

On Kaho’olawe, new technology could restore a sacred Hawaiian island

Road project promising access to Indigenous Waorani is ushering in deforestation

In the Amazon, what happens to undesignated public lands?

A feathered cape bridges past and present for Brazil’s Indigenous Tupinambá

Java rice farmers suffer crop failure as copper mine pollutes local irrigation

Oman’s mountain oases offer ancient farming lessons for a warming future

Fenced in by Sulawesi national park, Indigenous women make forestry breakout

Soraida Chindoy: the Indigenous guardian defending the sacred Putumayo mountains

Critics fear catastrophic energy crisis as AI is outsourced to Latin America

Under the shadow of war in the DRC, a mining company’s actions face impunity

Agroforestry project sows seeds of hope in drought-hit Honduras

‘Another catastrophe’: Flooding destroys Indigenous agroforestry projects in Peru’s Amazon

Indigenous Filipinos fight to protect biodiverse mountains from mining

New FPIC guide designed to help protect Indigenous rights as mineral mining booms

In largest ever study, Indigenous and local communities report the impacts of climate change

Activists file last-gasp suit as Indonesia fails again to pass Indigenous bill

Afro-Brazilian communities fight a rain of pesticides & the company behind it

Latest Peruvian oil spill cuts Indigenous communities from life-giving river

Indigenous Bolivians flee homes as backlash to mining protest turns explosive

2024 Goldman Prize Winner Murrawah Johnson: First Nations must be at the forefront of creating change

Indigenous Philippine village rejects gold mine, cites flawed consultation

Pro-business parties accused of holding back Indonesia’s Indigenous rights bill

‘Our rights are on trial in Brazil’: Interview with Indigenous movement pioneer Brasílio Priprá

Secrets from the rainforest's past uncovered in Amazonian backyards

Desperation sets in for Indigenous Sumatrans who lost their forests to plantations

An ancient Indigenous lagoon system brings water back to a dry town in Ecuador

Photos confirm narcotraffickers operating in Peru’s Kakataibo Indigenous Reserve

Amplifying Indigenous voices at the global level: Interview with Dario Mejía Montalvo

Are carbon credits another resource-for-cash grab? Interview with Alondra Cerdes Morales & Samuel Nguiffo

Forced evictions suppress Maasai spirituality & sacred spaces in Tanzania

As Māori heal through nature, is ‘legal personhood’ a tool or a distraction?

Members of Wisconsin's Ho-Chunk Nation are training naturalists and nature lovers

Reasons why Ecuadorian indigenous women march in 8M

Maui community mobilizes to protect water quality from runoff after Lahaina fires

The Ministry of Indigenous People in Brazil Under Scrutiny

May Your Grass Grow Tall and Your Rivers Run Deep!

State of the Planet
For This Graduating Senior, Climate, Culture and Community Go Hand in Hand

Dam Removal Spurs the Return of Salmon—and a Local Tribe’s Hopes of Sustainable Fishing

Study Challenges Popular Idea That Easter Islanders Committed ‘Ecocide’

The Revelator
Fire for Watersheds

Map the Commons, Protect the Planet

Yale Climate Connections
Alaska Native community experiments with growing food above the Arctic Circle

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