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Room 8 - Indigenous Values, Traditions, Fights for Rights

Values and Traditions

Indigenous knowledge, practices and lifestyles can be relevant and beneficial for sustainable living and our environment in modern times.

  • APTN News - Indigenous women are blazing a conservation trail, local journalism Initiative.
  • Action Network - Indigenous Peoples Movement, collective of various indigenous peoples from all over the world.
  • All that we are - Pat McCabe on Emergence, Restoration and Co-Creation: Human Gifts Of Kinship
  • BCcampus - Living in a Good Way with Indigenous Values and Beliefs.
  • Building Belonging - Belonging to ourselves, each other, and Earth, decolonization to re-indigenization?
  • Cherokee Riverkeepers - Respect for the consciousness, healing powers and wisdom of rivers.
  • Deep Adaptation Forum - Why the UN must rely more on indigenous wisdom and less on fossil fuels.
  • EcoWatch - Indigenous Peoples Harvested Oysters Sustainably for Thousands of Years Until Colonizers Arrived.
  • EcoWatch - Spiritual Leader Sadhguru Takes 100-Day Motorcycle Journey to Save Soil.
  • EcoFoodDev - Traditional Ecological Knowledge: How Indigenous Wisdom Can Build a Sustainable Future.
  • European Wilderness Society - Wisdom of Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Indigenous people as nature's safeguards.
  • Forest Declaration Platform - We, Indigenous Peoples, are the Protectors of Biodiversity: forest,river, ecosystems, sacred spaces
  • Google Books - Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Concepts and Cases. (Read free of charge.)
  • Guardian - 'It's a powerful feeling': the Indigenous American tribe helping to bring back buffalo.
  • Happy Eco News - 7 Unlikely Benefits of Hunting for the Environment.
  • Indigenous Vision - Works to revitalize Indigenous communities by providing educational resources that promote well-being.
  • MPRnews - Once-ignored Indigenous knowledge of nature now shaping science.
  • Melbourne University - Unique value of indigenous knowledge, genuine two-way learning.
  • Mongabay - series: Indigenous Peoples and Conservation, journalistic stories exploring threats to indigenous peoples' territories, showcasing successful indigenous-led conservation initiatives.
  • NPR - Dogs are sniffing out disease in animals vital to traditions of the Blackfeet tribe.
  • National Park Service - Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Forming a Relationship with Mother Earth.
  • Planet Forward - A native space: designing an Indigenous storytelling, mentorship program.
  • UN Food and Agriculture Organization - Global-Hub on Indigenous Peoples' Food Systems, experts, scientists and researchers.
  • Wikipedia - Traditional ecological knowledge, (TEK) describes indigenous and other traditional knowledge of local resources.
  • Woodbine Ecology Center - Indigenous Values, common threads in traditions of native peoples of Americas.
  • Yale Climate Connections - Indigenous farmers bring back crops adapted to hot, dry conditions
  • Yes Magazine - Solving the Climate Crisis Requires Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Yes Magazine - An Indigenous Perspective on Reconnecting With the Land
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Language Translation

Indigenous group dancers at Amis Music Festival 2016.(Wikimedia Commons)

Graffiti brings Manaus's Indigenous roots to light. Murals recount the history of Indigenous people and honor their culture in the capital of Amazonas.

Indigenous Rights and Fights

Sadly, many indigenous peoples are struggling to maintain rights to their land and to the Earth resources they protect. Mining, logging, dams and deforestation for agricultural purposes are imposed by outside interests. Many indigenous activists have been violently attacked, criminalized and murdered and the threats are growing worldwide.

Links, comments and written contributions concerning indigenous issues are very welcome - Contact us.
Premier's statement on the anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

What did 2022 looked like for Indigenous Peoples and local communities? Reflections and progress on advancing Indigenous Peoples and local communities' land rights.