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The average Internet user spends 3,230 hours online every year. Here’s the carbon footprint of that.

For sustainable food production on land, we might soon be looking to the sea

Climate Energy - Grist
How tiny pieces of evidence can reveal giant stories about our world — and ways to make it better

Five creative visions for the future, from Looking Forward’s readers

Native Plants 101: Everything You Need to Know

Renewable Energy Surpasses 30% of Global Electricity Supply for First Time Ever

World’s Largest CO2 Removal Plant Opens in Iceland

Summer 2023 Was Hottest Summer in the Northern Hemisphere in 2,000 Years, Study Finds

EnviroLink Network
El Niño is on the way out after a record-breaking year of heat

Environment | The Guardian
Weather tracker: Geomagnetic storms trigger northern lights

More than third of Amazon rainforest struggling to recover from drought, study finds

Devastation as world’s biggest wetland burns: ‘those that cannot run don’t stand a chance’

‘Goldmine’ collection of wheat from 100 years ago may help feed the world, scientists say

Extinction Rebellion UK
“Stop the New Scramble for Africa!”

Restore Nature Now! Activists and environmental groups come together for largest march for nature ever seen

Greenpeace UK
The climate evidence Shell doesn’t want you to see

Happy Eco News
Fossil Free Ski Resorts

Promise of Change, Planting Tree by Tree

Celebrating Bike to Work Day: The Best Bike Friendly Cities

Utrecht Green Roof Bus Stops

Debunking the Solar Panel Waste Myth

Making Health Care Healthier For The Environment

More Greenwash or Actually Sustainable Aviation Fuel?

Solar Cemetery Reduces Costs for Entire French Town

Sounds Right Initiative will Recognize NATURE as an Official Artist

AI brings soaring emissions for Google and Microsoft, a major contributor to climate change

Rupert Read
Both/and?: The Climate Majority Project and the Radical Flank

Powerful Times |

Earth Hope –

The True Power of the Climate Movement Is Now to Admit Our Own Powerlessness

Skeptical Science
2024 SkS Weekly Climate Change Global Warming News Roundup #19

2024 SkS Weekly Climate Change Global Warming News Roundup #25

2024 SkS Weekly Climate Change Global Warming News Roundup #28

Fact brief - Were scientists caught falsifying data in the hacked emails incident dubbed 'climategate'?

State of the Planet
If Ice Could Talk: Environmental Personhood in Social Media

Only 270 Million Square Kilometers to Go: The R/V Marcus G. Langseth Helps Map the World’s Oceans

The Revelator
Conservation Works — and Science Just Proved It

This is Not Cool
Climate Catastrophe Animal Vid of the Week: Houston Storms Displace Wildlife

Fundamentalists: Severe Storms Caused by God’s Wrath

Drone Captures Most Remarkable Tornado Footage, Ever

Extreme Heat Raises Costs for Transportation

NATO Defense Study: Russians Pushing Climate Disinformation

Yale Climate Connections
Venezuelan-American journalist brings climate change awareness to both Spanish- and English-speaking audiences

‘Turning point in energy history’ as solar, wind start pushing fossil fuels off the grid

Video: Do you have to go vegan to save the climate?

Behind the ‘Bechdel test for climate change’

The enduring influence of “The Day After Tomorrow,” 20 years later 

The ultimate list of cli-fi films

Mangrove forests are climate champions . . .even the ones planted by people

How Plastic Contributes to Climate Change and the Role of Compostable Bags in Combating It

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