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Room 12 - People and their stories

People tackling the climate emergency in many different ways.

  • BBC News - 'Kuenssberg: Why 'boomer' Schwarzenegger won't wait to tackle climate change', preserve the planet for future generations.
  • EcoWatch - 'Sadhguru Calls for a Montreal Protocol for Soil', yogi, mystic, visionary and soil activist.
  • Greenpeace - “My new home was a dream come true – then climate disaster struck” Planet Forward - 'Weaving Diné teachings and science', oral story: Indigenous ways of knowing are vital in science and conservation.
  • Greenpeace - 'On action design and aesthetics of protest', Hannah Davey about art and activism.
  • Greenpeace - 'Why I’m here: four disabled female voices on their place within the environmental movement'
  • Guardian - Outlook? Terrifying: TV weather presenters on the hell and horror of the climate crisis.
  • Guardian - 'We cannot adapt our way out of climate crisis, warns leading scientist', Katharine Hayhoe: dangers not seen
  • Guardian - ‘Climate negotiations are inherently abusive’: campaigner Brianna Craft on the struggle smaller countries face.
  • Guardian - '"Women bear the biggest brunt of climate change," says climate scientist Susan Chomba', climate & male perspective.
  • Guardian - 'Green revolution: how I learned to be an eco warrior, one step at a time', Josh Appignanesi experiences.
  • Happy Eco News - 'Eco Amplifier: Jack Johnson an Environmentalist', environmental activist and successful artist.
  • Mongabay - 'Meet the 2023 Goldman Environmental Prize Winners', honoring grassroots activists from six continents.
  • Mongabay - '"We lost the biggest ally": Nelly Marubo on her friend Bruno Pereira’s legacy', murder in the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Pennsylvania University - VIDEO ??
  • Planet Forward - 'Indigenous energy and equations', Bax Bond, engineer, energy systems for non-integrated electric grids.
  • PlanAdapt - Srishti is a PlanAdapt Fellow, in Ahmedabad, India with 10 years of international experience.
  • State of the Planet - ‘I Study the Ways Society Is Adapting to a Changing Climate:’ Meet Climate Scientist Lisa Dale
  • State of the Planet - 'Yutian Wu, Climate Modeler and Atmospheric Scientist', movement of air pollutants through the atmosphere.
  • State of the Planet - 'Vetlesen Prize Ceremony Honors Two Distinguished Researchers in Earth Sciences', David Kohlstedt & Anny Cazenave.
  • State of the Planet - Olivia Smith: Changing the Way We Look at Food Systems and the Environment.
  • State of the Planet - Aaron Stockel: From Byzantine History to Politics, circuitous path to climate science & political advocacy.
  • State of the Planet - 'Meet Evan Brooks From the Climate and Society Class of 2024', starting MA program at Columbia Climate School.
  • Yale Climate Connections - '10 of the best climate change documentaries to see in 2023', films screened at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival.
  • Yale Climate Connections - 'Former refugee brings solar to the Tongogara camp where he once lived', renewable energy engineer Yves Umuhoza.
  • Yale Climate Connections - 'What baby boomers can do about climate change, according to Bill McKibben', founder of Third Act.

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